Do you feel stuck in a toxic relationship with your partner, coach or parent? Do you need to find a way out?

Are you and your partner arguing more? Have your arguments taken your marriage to a place you are not sure you return from? 

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Do you need help?

I specialize in working with clients as they grow and evolve after children are born, new jobs are found, relocations are negotiated, divorces are finalized, children leave for college or retirements are planned. I provide counseling for both individuals and couples. My work is grounded in Relational Psychotherapy, Self Psychology, attachment theory and mindfulness. My style is playful, collaborative and informed. I specialize in working with couples as they move through big transitions, helping women break free from manipulative relationships as well helping both couples and individuals overcome depression and anxiety.

I specialize in:

  • Relationships – single, engaged, married, complicated
  • Breaking away from toxic relationships (coaches, partners, family)
  • Thriving after a transition
  • Overcoming depression
  • Understanding and managing anxiety
  • Surviving narcissistic parents
  • “Cold feet” before your wedding

Individual Counseling

Are you struggling with big feelings that others seem to shrug off? Do you feel you are “weak” because your worries, anxiety, sadness or depression overwhelms you?

Do you need help getting away from a toxic or manipulative relationship? Do you see a pattern of they types of men you are dating that you want to break?

I help individuals understand their anxiety or sadness. Together we figure out how to cope with and hopefully eliminate these overwhelming feelings. My speciality in couples counseling makes me uniquely qualified to work with individuals as they struggle in their marriages or relationships. I also specialize in helping women break away from manipulators and toxic relationships. These relationships can be with a coach, a partner, a boss or coworker or family.

Please find my blog so you can find more information about me and my work. I hope that it will give you a sample of how I practice and a sense of my “voice.”

Couples Counseling

Has your sex life come to a complete standstill? Has your relationship been overwhelmed by apathy? Have the fights gotten worse?

Couples face unique struggles and challenges at each stage in their relationship. These stages include major milestone anniversaries (the 7 year itch; the 10th anniversary fight; the 16th anniversary slump) as well as transitions (babies, job changes and relocations). I have experience: working with premarital couples as they prepare for their commitment; coaching couples struggling with raising children on how to stay connected; and helping couples through end-of-relationship issues (divorce, illness or death). The four topics that I focus on with my couples are: generosity, curiosity, communication skills and humor.

If you are considering couples counseling with me please note that I will ask (and then ask again) about your sex and sensual life. This is a very important part of a your life together and one that many therapists find difficult to discuss. Talking with your partner about sex can bring up unique feelings of shame. It is important that you find a safe place to explore your needs, the differences in your desire levels and to develop language so that you can continue to grow the sensual side of your personality.

Premarital Counseling

I love working with couples in the beginning stages of their relationship or marriage. I believe strongly that there are skills and tools that can help your marriage succeed. My goal is to help you develop a strong foundation on which you can build a life.

Not all of us grew up seeing what a strong marriage looks like. Some of us did not see in our parent’s marriage how a good relationship can hold the anxiety, grief and stresses of life and that these stresses can bring a couple closer. We did not all get to see two people doing the work of life (housework, raising kids, managing finances, etc) in a joyful, harmonious way. Many of our “blueprints” of a marriage are flawed, bad or even toxic. It is possible to learn new skills and create the relationship that you want. Please see my Premarital Counseling page to find out more.

I look forward to our work together at either my online therapy office or my sunny space in South Boulder. Contact me for a free consultation.



Life is complicated and we all feel overwhelmed at times. At certain points in our life we find that we can easily juggle work, family, self-care, friends, social networking, the news and our relationships. But there are other times when it all feels like too much – like we are failing and falling apart. It is at these times when some additional support can help.

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There is a natural progression of intimacy in every marriage – an evolution that happens as we have life experiences. Gaining an understanding of the different phases that all relationships go through and specifically what stage you are in can be empowering. I work with couples to find ways to connect, argue, and listen.

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Premarital Counseling

Did you know that many of the issues that split up marriages and families can be prevented?  I strongly believe that there are skills, tools and insights that can prevent divorce. Education about communication, arguing skills and how to set realistic expectations – or  “Marriage Training” – can make a huge difference as couples make the tricky transition from dating to marriage.

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Support Through
Life Transitions

Moving, having children, selling or buying a home, retiring or graduating from school – this list is just a few of the big changes that we encounter in our lives. Each of these transitions brings with them a great deal of stress. It is normal to feel overwhelmed, confused, angry or sad during these busy times. It is also normal for old feelings, memories or traumas to be triggered as we move through these times of growth.

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