Individual Counseling

Please note: I am accepting online clients.


Do you need some additional support right now?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the sudden changes in our world?

Is it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep?

Do you want to make some big changes in your life but don’t know what the first step is?

Do you need help leaving a toxic relationship with your coach, partner or spouse?

Life is very complicated right now and we are all feeling overwhelmed. At certain points in our life we easily juggle work, family, self-care, friends, social networking, the news and our relationships. But there are other times when it all feels like too much – like were are failing and falling apart. It is at these times when some additional support can help. I help individuals when they are going through a life transition such as: getting married, having babies, moving, divorcing or a medical issue. My work focuses on processing the normal feelings associated with grief, loss and change that occurs with all transitions.

Right now we are all sheltering in place and staying safer at home with the COVID crisis. We are all experiencing trauma as the world is changing. We are all grieving and moving through the stages of grief (denial, pain and guilt, anger, depression and refection, reconstruction and acceptance). My work is focused on helping you to process all of the complex emotions surrounding this trauma as well as the past traumas that are triggered.

I am open and taking new clients for online therapy sessions.

Therapy can help.

Therapy offers a calm, quiet space to sort out all that life is throwing at you. My work focuses on goal setting and teaching skills to help you understand what is holding you back. I use mindfulness as well as brain science to help you. I specialize depression therapy, anxiety therapy as well as helping women to break away from manipulative relationships.

Training is important.

I am a trained Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and my focus is on Relational Psychology, Self Psychology as well as Attachment Theory.

I received my MSW from Catholic University and did my post-graduate training in both psychodynamic psychotherapy and couples work with the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis in Washington, DC.

What is Relational Psychotherapy?

The focus of Relational Therapy is to bring insight and understand to the role that your relationships have in your life and how these shape your daily experiences, your self-esteem and your mental and physical wellbeing. One important aspect of Relational Psychotherapy is that the therapist is considered a co-creator of the therapy. This means that together we will look at what happens in your life, with your relationships outside the room as well as what takes place within the therapy room.

One way that clients describe the difference from other therapies is that they say that it feels like I am more present in the therapy and in the room. I realize this is a difficult and strange concept. I find that the most helpful way to find out if I am the right therapist for you is to call so we can schedule a time to meet for a free consultation. I can be reached at 720-551-8084.

Will therapy help me?

Therapy is not the answer to everyone’s problems. It can’t solve everything. But I believe strongly that connecting with another person and finding a safe place to gain an understanding of what has its grip on you can open up a path forward. Once a path is revealed – even if it is just the first step – you have forward momentum that begins the process of healing.

How long does therapy take?

There is no way for me to answer this question without first meeting you and gaining an understanding of what is happening. I wish I could guarantee that I can fix everything in 8 sessions, but I can’t. I don’t have a magic pill or a new skill that will easily unwind the knots that your manipulator has tied in your life, your mind or your heart. The best thing that you can do is to call so we can talk about your goals and see if I am the right fit for you needs. You can contact me here.

Do you offer online therapy?

Yes, I am able to provide both individual and couples counseling using online therapy. It is a wonderful resource for our work as we all shelter at home and are safer at home.

How do I schedule an appointment? Can we talk before we schedule?

I offer a free 20-minute consultation for all prospective clients. We can talk about what is going on; you can ask questions about how I practice or about me; and we can talk about insurance and how it works for an out-of-network provider. Please contact me and we can plan a time to meet for online therapy or at my sunny South Boulder office.

You can also call me at 720-551-8084. I look forward to speaking with you.